Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What to Expect in Lower Division STEM Club

Today is our first day of Lower Division STEM Club, and Mr. Lopez and I are excited to get started! We'll be sharing photos, links and videos about our activities in STEM Club on this website throughout the semester. We will be meeting eight times, and the time is probably going to fly by! Here are some of the projects we are planning to do together. These may change, but this is what we're planning at this point:

  1. Engineering Design Projects: Cantilever Spans and Lego Tower Build
  2. Catapults
  3. MinecraftEDU Collaborative Building Challenges
  4. Green Screen Videography (using iPads)
  5. Coding with Hopscotch (using iPads)

This video from my STEM class in Yukon last year features some students talking about their expectations of STEM class. I hope you're expecting great things from our STEM Club this year! We are going to have a fun and learn a lot about science, technology, engineering and math together!

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